Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have you met Bad Kitty? Be careful!

"It's not that cats don't like baths. It's not that cats have a difficult relationship with baths. It's not that cats chose not to vote for baths in the last election...It's simply that...CATS HATE BATHS!"

And Nick Bruel's Bad Kitty is no exception. The cartoon-style drawings of Bad Kitty convey quite a bit of emotion as he tries to avoid getting in the tub in Bad Kitty Gets a Bath. Uncle Murray ("I like to take a shower in the morning while I sing old show tunes") chimes in from time to time with fun facts about cats. For example, they should be bathed in warm (not hot) water. Unlike Uncle Murray, they do not like showers and will not sing show tunes.

When it's time for Bad Kitty to celebrate his birthday (Happy Birthday Bad Kitty), he hauls out The Giant Cat-alog of Cat Toys with a photo of a cat on the cover saying "I want everything." If you've ever lived with a cat, you will appreciate this all too well. Each of the neighborhood cats attending the party turns out to be quite a character in his or her own right, and you may not be too surprised at how the party turns out, but you will be entertained as it unfolds.

The drawings and humor should make the Bad Kitty books inviting to reluctant readers, but the content and vocabulary will exercise their brains a bit more than they might be expecting.


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